By: Muhammad Saad
     17, Oct-2019


Ways to earn back links in 2019

The bright and specific definition of link building is posting the link of your website to another website; the most challenging part of SEO is link building.

There are multiple ways to earn backlinks in 2019, but in this article am just explaining three most common ways to make backlinks in 2019Getting backlinks have become the most efficient means to increase your rankings. Creating backlinks will be sure that you get a mild improve visitors to your site.

Everyone knows that it's necessary to build backlinks to boost a website's rankings. Knowing precisely where to begin building backlinks to your site can be overwhelming.


3 Common and easy ways to earn backlinks in 2019

  1. Posting in forums 
  2. Use Images
  3. Use Directories



  • Posting in Forums 

Posting in top-ranked forums is a simple means to have a backlink in 2019.first of all I should describe what actually forum is? Then how any discussion can be an excellent tool to earn backlinks in 2019.

Forum is an online platform for discussions, and now the second question of how we can post in forums and get backlink? A simple answer to this is described below step by step:

  1. Open a new tag in Google search
  2. Write digital forum
  3. Select any forum that has good ranking like medium.com
  4. Create an account of your business/Sign up
  5. Complete the profile of your business
  6. Start posting about your products & services
  7. ping that links of post page every time you post

by doing this practice, you can get high-quality backlinks and increase traffic to your website, hence boosting the ROI.


  • Use Images


Images are a great source to get backlinks 100% more than text. It means that a single image can bring thousands of links, in this article, I am describing the to create images that attract links





a. Create the images that clearly show creativity, clarity and new insights

the focus should be on content as well as the relation to the image

b. Start doing a link audit

Pictures that can be used to get links are:

  • Logos
  • Brand Mascots
  • Infographics
  • Badges Awards
  • Employee Photos


  1. Find who is using your images using Google or Tineye
  2. Automate Image Discovery
  3. Check the pages that are already linked 
  4. Email those who are not connected with you




  • Directories


  • like posting in forums & Images backlinks can be earned using directories, 
  • The directory is a website which lets you submit a site URL as a way to create backlinks. It is a type of system that is distinguished by categories and thematic subcategories. Some directories may publish listings automatically, though some might have a several week review procedure. Finally, the Web Directory clearly shows your contact information and your activity. You have an expected customer utilizing a Web Directory! 

 provide you complete information about the company, what it offers, location, social pages such as Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/digimartusenterprise/) Twitter(https://twitter.com/Digimartus), Instagram(https://www.instagram.com/digimartusa/) and much more.

Means you will not have to visit anywhere else to search the information regarding Digimart.



 Using the above 3 methods one can get high quality baclinks for website and increase the traffic and worth of business ultimately increasing the business profit.


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