By: Muhammad Saad
     05, Feb-2020


USA CDC Confirmed Coronavirus Cases and Updates in USA

Wuhan Coronavirus infected more than the health authority in Hubei province in China says that 479 people died because of coronavirus.

Not only in chine, but this virus is spreading all over the world, the symptoms have been found in Japan, Pakistan, Hong Kong and even in USA CDC has confirmed 11 cases effected by a coronavirus.

Previously the CDC was the only lab allowed to test the coronavirus, but looking at the highly increasing impact of coronavirus, US food and drugs authority issues an emergency allowed to all qualified labs to test the coronavirus.

The diagnostic is authorized to be used for patients who meet CDC criteria for testing, and by qualified labs designated by the CDC or certified to perform high-complexity tests.

The test can detect Wuhan coronavirus from nasal or oral swabs. 

As of Monday, the CDC had 260 patients under investigation for the virus -- 11 had tested positive, 167 negative and 82 were still pending.

There are 11 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States. Six cases have been confirmed in California, one in Massachusetts, one in Washington State, one in Arizona and two in Illinois.

Now how this Coronavirus is impacting Businesses

Coronavirus is a virus that is spreading too quickly through breathing and as infected cases in the USA has alarmed the peoples from the virus. People will be reluctant to go out from houses if in cases the virus is spreading at the same rate it is increasing in China, then huge businesses will be on risk.

As China has closed its production factories, converted the expo centers into hospitals and all human being life is in danger, no one is interacting to other people, so that they may save themselves from the coronavirus.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) has called on countries not to impose travel and trade restrictions over the coronavirus, warning that such measures could increase “fear and stigma” within the international community. But still, people are in a fear of Wuhan coronavirus.


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