By: Muhammad Saad
     11, Dec-2019

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The Best Photo Editing Apps 2019

Photos editing App in 2019 is the hard and core requirement because as 2019 is the era of Digital Marketing, and Video Production, Photo Editing, and Animation is an essential part of Digital marketing. As statistics is showing that photo and video are 200% more likely to increase the website traffic, this figure is showing how important Photo and Video is for digital marketing.

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Lightroom
  3. Pixlr
  4. Canva

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the best video and photo editing software and it's free and easy to install and easy to use on PC, we can best edit any type of photos and can create best photos and posts for blogs and website along with photo editing and animation there are certain other features associated with this software such as keyword tagging, face recognition, and color-coding

Photoshop permits you to resize images bigger than that which they are. Photoshop may be used to edit graphics together with photos    

Adobe light Room

Adobe Lightroom is a subset of photoshop with some additional features, the main purpose to create Adobe Lightroom was to manage a large number of images and keep organizing them, lightroom is easier to learn than Photoshop.  Adobe Lightroom is among the very best photo management tools in the marketplace. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom isn't the only sophisticated RAW converter available there are a number of alternatives.

To begin, you will need to bring some photos to Lightroom CC. Your photos will then be copied into Lightroom and you'll go back to the Library module at which you can watch your photos getting sucked into Lightroom. It's really handy as you've got all your photos in one location, and makes them available on your computer, on the internet, and on your cell devices. Then locate the folder that you need to place your photos. The truly amazing issue is that you're able to tweak each specific photo to find the EXACT look you're after.

You will be able to set up Lightroom so it is going to run it's very best saving you hours of frustration and you are going to have the confidence that you're not likely to lose your images. Lightroom is the ideal tool for you. The first thing which you should do is open Photoshop Lightroom and after that load your photo.

Lightroom supports the import of different sorts of raw files. So Lightroom is basically there to assist you in making your images seem good. Lightroom,



Pixlr is also a well-known and most commonly used free image editing tool, no account creation is required. Just open the App and start editing but the main issue with this App is that it is used for low-moderate images editing, the features include, you can create a new image, upload any image and update image.

Pixlr is similar to Photoshop in terms of images editing but it has a special feature Express Tollusing this toll we can do some one-click changes, this option works best for new editors, we can change the size, rotation and add quick photo effects and we can change the saturation and inversion of images.

Along with all above given extra features Pixlr have an special offer that is known as Grabber for Firefox using this offer we can load the image for editing by just doing a right-click and start editing that image and also an offer of print screen through that we can capture whole or any part of web browser content and the most essential is that Grabber is totally free feature in Pixlr. and you can use an image by putting the URL of any site.


Canva is an image editing software like others, using Canva we can do almost everything that is required in all sizes of images and template headers, marketing, documents, invitations, ads and presentation and much more.

Like other image editing and creating software's Canva is free and easy to use, using this we can get free layouts, change the text, background, color, change the name of the image, save it according to our own need and do anything g that we want to change for our images 

The special feature of Canva is it is used for all types of images including low quality, moderate and high-quality images.

Another essential feature of canva is that along with editing the image you can share the image by just doing one click.


Creating the high quality of images including the high level of Content is essential in developing the image as well as creating the brand name of Business and increase the number of visitors as images are 157% greater in getting backlinks as compared to text alone. And the main features of all the above-provided image editing Apps is that they are completely free and very commonly used by all types of businesses and personals that can be for Presentation purpose or for documents.

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