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     10, Oct-2019

Digital Marketing

Brand Management In Digital World (2019)

Brand Management

Brand Management is not a one day task that we do and finish, but it is an ongoing process. In simple words, brand management is the planning and analysis of the perception of the target market audience about a particular company or its products and services.

The article is about how to manage the created image or perception of that particular company or its offerings. Before brand management, create a brand after creating the control of that brand that comes under this digital world (2019).

How Is Brand Created?

In pure marketing, terminology brand is created using simple 7P process

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Placement
  4. Promotion
  5. People
  6. physical Evidence
  7. Process


In this article am defining all these 7ps keeping an example of Digimart an online digital agency which provides the best services to clients including Web Development and Designing, Digital Marketing Solution, Video Animation, Graphic Designing, Mobile App Development, and Brand Development


  • Product


Digimart is a service-oriented digital marketing agency and the services that Digimart provides all are the products of Digimart that includes:

  1. Web Development and Designing
  2. Digital Marketing Solution
  3. Video Animation
  4. Graphic Designing
  5. Mobile App Development
  6. Brand Development

Digimart has made its products unique to stand out in the crowd. There are several digital agencies as Digimart. The creative team of experts is always there to make each product like it's new and unique. According to the requirements of Customer and doing a thorough research of the business for which Digimart have to give its product.





  • Price

Price is another essential factor while we are trying to create a Brand in 2019. No matter the price is low or high, we have to consider that either our Product/service that we are providing is worth that much of amount. If yes then what factors are there for which we can say that yes. We are giving these valuable things to our customers, that's why we are charging this amount. 

All it means the price must be fair and get the attention of our prospective customers.

Digimart is charging $135K to $165K, and other companies are just charging $125K. The price is not an issue in building a brand because Digimart is clearly showing what value it is providing to its customers. Digimart is providing high-quality images and Animated Videos, and big authoritative domain name and ensuring the Content perfection. These are some extra values that are creating Digimart a brand. The timely completion of a task and with the end is the primary concern of Digimart. That is why Digimart is a brand. Because what it says does and with continuous analysis and incorporating new methods and ideas into a business, proper management and grip on everything to make Digimart a Brand in 2019.


  • Placement


Placement is where you will display your product or where the product will be sold. The Digimart website in the place where all the products are given along with all descriptions and prices.

Placement of a product is an essential part of building a Brand in 2019, place your products in a location where everyone or every person of your targeted market can reach. Digimart created a website for its product placement because the world is going towards digitalization, and everyone requires things in one click. So keeping all these things in mind Digimart placed all its products on a website. Social pages and on different web forums so that it must be easy to reach Digimart.


  • Promotion

The Channels used to reach your targeted market audience. Don't confuse in two words Promotion and Marketing, and Promotion is just the communication aspect of an entire marketing function.

Here we will only choose the channels that we will apply to reach our targeted audience so that our message or advertisement can reach them. 


Digimart is using three channels to promote its products:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Management
  • Direct Marketing



In Social Media marketing Digimart develop and post promotional material on its social media pages Facebook https://www.facebook.com/digimartusenterprise/, Twitter https://twitter.com/Digimartus, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/digimartusa/ and other daily to make everyone aware about Digimart offerings, discount offers, and new things.

In SEO Management, Digimart manages its website accordingly. Create keywords based research and development articles and blogs in which Digimart shows its offerings and How much Digimart cares about its customers.

In Direct marketing, Digimart arranges meetings with prospect clients and brief them about the company and products and how Digimart can provide benefit to its prospective customers.




  • People


The Term People refers to the Staff/ worker/Employees of the company. To Build a brand, a company has not only to focus on the products, services, marketing, and placement, but the employees are also an essential factor in developing a brand. The give and take policy work best. To make you understand why employees are critical to building a brand if you provide value to employees, they will provide value to you. It means that if you care for your employees, they will put their best to create, market, and sell your product and in creating your product a brand.


Digimart Value its Employees and the value for Employees is in terms of

  • High Salary
  • Flexible working environment
  • Bonuses
  • Sick Leaves
  • Leave Encashment
  • Insurance
  • In house Lunch and Tea


These all facilities are showing that Digimart gives importance to its Employees along with its customer, product and other things.



  • Physical Evidence


Physical Evidence of products refers to its existence in physically. In terms of measurable and tangible aspects. As we can't touch physically any service but we can get a soft copy of the service. Digimart is sealing IT services so we can't feel any website, but we can have that website in a format, a design, a logo. That design and logo of the site and website itself are called physical Evidence.



  • Process                       


The process is a series of required actions to achieve an outcome. Digimart is producing services such as Web design and development. Content development and all the above describes, the process here refers to all the steps to create a website for better understanding. I am defining the whole process of web development.


  • Process Of Web Development


  • Get Web Hosting/Register a domain
  • Setup website through a web host
  • Design website
  • Add Content


The above written four steps are called a process.

Now A Brand Digimart is created, now I will describe the steps that how to manage a Brand




Brand Management


There are many things that we should focus on while the brand management process.

  1. Keep Your Brand Fresh & Up to date
  2. keep Updated About the Competitors
  3. Keep Updated About Trend
  4. Compare The results With Planned and Executed 7ps


  • Keep Your Brand Fresh & Up to date


It is critical to monitor the market trends and have to keep the Brand up to date and fresh. Once you have created a brand/brand image so it does not mean that all the things will remain constant, but a little change is good for businesses. If it is required by the customers or the market in which you are doing business. Branding is the procedure of identification of a business in the view of the consumers


  • keep Updated About the Competitors


Companies with good data management practices also found it simple to monitor their competition to be aware of the changes they had made to raise sales. To maintain the Brand Image, it is essential to keep a close eye on competitors' activities and if required, made some changes accordingly to maintain the Brand.


  • Keep Updated About Trend         


If you're not eager to change or adjust, then your Brand is not going to survive.

Our company might be doing amazing, but it's never a terrible idea to have a look internally as well as outside trends. And ensure your company is left up to date and attracting new leads. Creating a new brochure is a beautiful means to re-brand your company and upgrade your marketing.


  • Compare The results With Planned and Executed 7ps


The last and very essential point to Brand management in the Digital world is comparing the results with the 7Ps that we have created earlier to make/establish a brand. A slighter change is always good if required by customers, trends, and all other external factors. and that we can only know by comparing the results with existing planning, procedures, and all other 7Ps of the brand management. How an item is priced will directly affect the way that it sells. On the other hand, if it serves a niche market, then it may make good business sense to concentrate distribution to a specific area or channel. How it is accessed by the end-user also needs to compliment the rest of the product strategy. It should be centered around the key concept that customer satisfaction is the main goal. 



This whole article is about Brand, how to create a brand, and then how to manage a Brand in this Digital Age. In Short, the Brand is designed with the marketing mix, 7Ps that i have described in detail keeping, for example, Digimart a Digital Marketing Agency in the USA. Price, Place, Promotion, Product, People, Physical Evidence and process all these are the pillars on which a Brand is created in 2019

The marketing mix is a vital tool to help understand what the service or product can offer and the way to plan for a thriving product offering. It is a fluid and flexible concept, and the focus on any one variable may be increased or decreased, given unique marketing conditions and customer requirements. It is made up of seven individual variables. It is one of the most important marketing terms. An effective marketing and advertising mix can indicate the difference between a flash in the pan product or one which is bound to be a well-loved classic.


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