By: Muhammad Saad
     08, Jan-2020

Digital Marketing

10 Ways To Get Free Advertisement For Your Business

Free advertisement is about how to advertise your products and services to your target market audience. The free ad is not hard to come by and will benefit your company. The main reason is that it is a nearly free advertisement for their brand and results in it reaching a broader assortment of an audience. Than other necessary, don’t forget, without customers your business doesn't exist. Keeping doing what's working for your startup business, if your company is growing, it usually means that folks love what you're doing. 


Ways to get Free Advertisement

  1. Use Google My Business
  2. Write Guest Posts For Other Blogs
  3. Answer Quora Questions
  4. Create YouTube Videos
  5. Post On Social Media
  6. Publish Content On Linked In
  7. Promote Website with Email signature
  8. Send Email Newsletters
  9. Super Pages
  10. List In Directories


  • Use My Google Business

Google my business is a tool to register your company online free and easy to use. With Google My Business, your physical location and phone number can be linked to Smartphone app users. And your company may be found by around 8 billion searches every day, so they can easily navigate to your door. Link up your other social media channels too.

Create a Google account with your business name and by giving the correct address and phone number

Verify your Google my Business account

Optimize GBM listing

Enjoy the free advertisement love



  • Write Guest Posts For Other Blogs

Write for the website related to your company or offerings of your company. Create an account of our company in free forums and fill out all the information in the profile and start doing a post. Create Articles and posts and publish on that forum in this way the traffic of that forum may read your article. Post and can ultimately increase your traffic, and your company will be getting recognition in the market. In the same manner, make company profile accounts on different Blog forums that are free. I am telling you some names of free Blogs where you can write and get free advertisement.


  • Answer Quora Questions        


Quora is a big platform to share and get information. Just create an account on Quora with your company name and give some simple answer to the questions asked by different users. Make them clarify with whatever subject they are asking of your field of business. And at the end of the solution, leave a line that if not clear still you can ask anything and drop a link of your company site. In this way, people will know you and your company. Hence you will be getting free advertisement.


  • Create YouTube Videos


The statistic shows that videos can increase organic search results by 157%. Great, it shows that video is more beneficial for a business to advertise then only content. To create a YouTube account is entirely free, develop an attractive video, and upload on YouTube, and watch to see the magic. This method of free advertisement is more likely to increase brand recognition. And advertise your company and offerings.


  • Post On Social Media                                         


Social Media is the most excellent platform to advertise anything in free and get millions of views. There are many social media platforms where you can promote your business, but the best known by everyone are these:


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest


The above written five platforms are trendy among peoples. You have to create free accounts on these platforms and start posting excellent and qualitative content. Images and videos daily, if not daily twice in a week is a must because people will see your add daily. They may inquire regarding your company and finally convert it into customers.


  • Publish Content On Linked In 


Linked In is a Social Media platform like facebook and twitter. Renowned and recognized companies most likely use that. And companies nowadays are using Linked In to hire peoples based on their given description over LinkedIn. It shows how your content is vital on Linked In, so publishing Content on Linked In is an excellent way to free advertisement.


  • Promote Website with Email signature


A signature is most likely trivial to most people. But the simple truth is, it is going to provide you a chance to raise your organization brand identity and increase sales. It's just a modest area on your email message, but it has a significant influence on your advertising strategy if you use them in the correct ways. An email signature is an excellent way not just to show your contact information and tell about yourself but leave an enduring impression and brand your site or mobile app. A well-designed email signature aids in brand awareness and also can drive visitors to your site.

Anybody interested in your company can check your business info and get your site URL. Email works well for promoting a site re-launch as you've been in operation for some time and have had an opportunity to develop your list of consumers and leads.

 Every business has an exceptional sales process, or so the way that your site supports that process will be different based on your enterprise. So depending on the place you run your company, it's mandatory to bring a few specifics about your company in your email signature. Keep your clients up-to-date on what your company is doing with dynamic content like a current Tweet in your email signature


  • Send Email Newsletters


For a business to advertise email is a must. There are several ways to use a newsletter, depending on what industry you're in. Sending email newsletters is an excellent method to let your clients know what's new with your company. If you get a newsletter or email and decide you don't like that, click the unsubscribe link at the base of the email.

Sending emails at the proper time to attain your subscribers when they're actively using their email will impact overall campaign response. It should not be like the customers may get disturbed by lots of emails every day. Select a day in a week and send them Email newsletters.            



  • Super Pages


Register your company in super pages, fill out a free form and claim your free listing by providing correct business phone number and address, in this way your business will be visible on Superpages and its free advertising your business.



  • List In Directories


List your company in directories, and there are several free directories where you can freely create your company profile and get a free listing in directories.

Here are some free directories names where you can create a free account and advertise your business:




Yellow Pages


Better Business Bureau


City squares

The above given are just a few names of directories, you can find more on the web to the better advertisement 



  • Conclusion

It is not always challenging to advertise your business, but it needs a lot of time, effort, and resources to promote your business in free. Advertising can be overwhelming and pricey. It may seem a lot like marketing, but they aren't quite the same thing. Thankfully, small business advertising can be significantly more affordable and still create the very same outcomes. It is not that you can choose any of the platforms to advertise your business. But use all of the above-described platforms and methods to promote your company free. Don't forget, without customers. Your business doesn't exist. Keeping doing what's working for your startup business If your company is growing again, advertisement is essential to companies.


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