Between 1918 and 1919, more than 50 million people were killed due to Spanish flu, The Book Pale.

Rider written by journalist Laura spinney, in which she has explained how people were helpless due to.

Pandemic Spanish flu and how the world changed?

She further explained that people are connecting the pandemic disaster of Spanish flu with world wars,

But the way people remember the world wars and the pandemic Spanish flue are different, world wars

Were men made disasters, but the pandemic Spanish flu is natural unseen disaster

What Is Spanish Flu

It is still not confirmed that it first emerged in Spain or from other Ares as before Spain there were already some cases in France, Britain, US and other European Countries , but it is called Spanish flu as most of the people were infected and killed in Spain and nearby countries.

It was an influenza that was struck in three different waves, the first wave, middle wave and the 3rd Wave, all three ways are defined as, the first wave is known as mild wave came in spring 1918, then then second pathetic wave in August and remained there till the end of year 1918. The research is indicating that Spanish flu infected more than 50 million people, means every one third person was killed due to Spanish flu.

How The Spanish Flu Relates To Covid-19

The main relation between the Spanish flu and the COVID-19 is that I can happen to anyone, as Spanish flu infected the British Prime Minister David Lloyd and Covid-19 infected Prince Charles: The Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne.

The people who are poor, having no more living resources, living and working in the crowed are more in risk, because COVID is a spreading disease. And nowadays the noting point is that the developing countries are bearing the impact of pandemic.

What Protective Measures Were Taken In 1918, And Should Be Taken Today?

The best possible solution instructed by all the doctors, scientist, and researches is the isolation and the quarantine situation, because the virus is spreading so the best theory is to separate the sick from the healthy people, and the germ theory also indicates that the virus spreads through microbes so during 1918 America did very well to somehow control people to live in isolation.

Will COVID Be Remembered In History AS Spanish Flu

This is not the right time to predict the impact, as still the COVID-Pandemic, but may it be remembered, as the number of death tally is increasing and the developing countries are unable to control their people to remain in isolation, as they are hand to mouth and their Government resources are not enough to feed all their people while sitting at home, but they are trying their best to keep people in isolation, so it is not the right time to predict the impact of COVID-19 in comparison to Spanish Flu.