Facebook algorithm is as mush important for socials media marketers as much the social image. And the word algorithm change is nowadays the biggest challenge for the social media marketers to understand and to implement in order to be among the best in the social media industry and best known among the people who use internet, because a research shows that 86% of people who use internet also uses Social media.

Social media is nowadays a best trend to be known among the peoples, and Facebook is the king of social media.

You might remember an algorithm of 2018, in which posts were prioritized as news feeds, but as this is year 2020, so what changes should marketers adopt in order to beat the competition.

AS major fact that has been noticed that the changes in algorithm always lead to the decline in the organic result, or is this the cause that marketers are not able to understand the algorithm properly or are the algorithms not SEO friendly?

Let’s see the exact reason!

The overall change we are noticing is the shift from organic search to the paid marketing in 2020.

Yes, it is a bitter truth nowadays that paid marketing is increasing and the paid campaigns are getting broader reach and an accurate audience as compare to the organic, but still the things are not as much complicated as they are looking, there are certain tricks and ways to optimize the content to get high reach at Facebook in 2020.

It is true that we share the content that we get from friends and family and the brands that we trust, but in 2020 Facebook people will be getting the content from the pages for which topic the page is, means topic related content also tend to be shared.

Nowadays the marketers are using the content tricks to get the border and right audience in terms of posts, titles and click baits.

Post the content that prompts to Audience

Think about the content that prompts your audience and inspires others to take action and, the main thing is what emotions one is posting in his content to get that content reach to maximum targeted audience.

  • Admiration
  • Amazement
  • Astonishment
  • Curiosity
  • Interest
  • Uncertainty
  • If you focus your post content on only one of the above written emotions, you will be likely to get more post comments and shares, hence your post reaches to high group of targeted audience.

    Share Quotes in your Headlines

    Sharing quotes in your posts headlines leads to high attention of the audience and shares.

    The quotes can be simply the quotes from the history, quotes of famous figures and can be any pulling and emotional quotes.

    Include Video

    Video leads 4 times more traffic then text alone. Including a video in your post guarantee increases the engagement of the audience, as Facebook is the king of social media, same as video is the king of Facebook. Video on Facebook leads to 136% more traffic according to a research.

    Facebook’s News Feed algorithms also prioritize video, essentially giving your video content a free bump in your fans’ Feeds. And the bump shows that exactly video increases the reach and outcome.

    Digimart is a Digital Marketing Agency, where in every post we are including, prompting content and emotional content to get high number of shares and comments.


    Facebook new algorithm in 2020 is a complete explanation of news feeds including the FAQs and all the smaller areas where, with little efforts we can increase the organic reach by more than only just simply posting content, but it is also a truth that alone content and organic search is not getting as much result as with the combination of Facebook paid ads in 2020.